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Phoenix, Arizona, has a hot climate which creates specific problems when building or upgrading a home. Your roof is one of the most significant components of your home, and you should choose roofing materials and coatings with the climate in mind. 

Some roofs perform better in hot climates than others. Researching the best materials and coatings for the Arizona environment will help you make an informed decision that will reduce energy consumption and keep your home protected from damage. 

Roof coatings give an added shield, resilience, and flexibility to your roof. In a nutshell, coatings extend the life of a roof, protect it from hail, branches, and other structural damage, and can even save on heating and cooling expenses when a reflective coating is employed.

Best Roof Coatings for Arizona Homes

There are several different types of protective coatings. Each one is different depending, with pros and cons depending on the type of roofing on your home. Choosing the right roof coating requires taking the environment, the architecture, and the aesthetic look of your home.  

Acrylic Roof Coatings 

Acrylic coverings are prominent in the roofing industry due to their low cost, environmentally friendly nature, and simplicity of application. Acrylic is also excellent for reflectivity, which may help to reduce the temperature of your roof and save you money on utilities. The disadvantage of acrylic roof coatings is their susceptibility to damage caused by ponding water. 

Based on research, a properly placed roof coating may often increase the roof life by up to ten years or more. The efficacy of a coating might vary based on the kind and circumstances, as well as the thicknesses of the coated layer. These roof coatings feature oxidation inhibitors, making them excellent for use on metal and metal compound roofing systems.

Silicone Roof Coatings 

Dimethicone roof treatments have long been used and are frequently combined with spray-on rigid polyurethane roofing for enhanced protection and lifespan. Silicone is an excellent material for areas subjected to harsh weather or direct sunlight, such as Phoenix, Arizona. 

Silicone is fluid and smooth, and it may be stacked in layers to provide additional protection. However, dirt and grime quickly adhere to silicone and can make your roof appear unclean and older than it really is. Silicone does not do well for roofs that will be utilized as a walking surface, such as rooftop gardens or decks.

Because a simple coat of silicone is sufficient to seal the roofing system, silicone roof coatings do not need to be put in several layers. This may be a significant benefit for household flat roofs since one coat will produce the finest results for maximum longevity. A silicone roof coating can reduce installation and repair expenses for a domestic property by utilizing fewer materials.

Polyurethane Roof Coating 

Urethane roof coatings are steadily gaining prominence over acrylic roof coatings. Polymeric roof coatings are long-lasting and may shield your roof from a variety of factors. Polyurethane roof coverings have high tensile strength and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.  The disadvantages of polyurethane coatings include their eventual chalkiness or yellowing as a result of persistent exposure to sunlight, as well as their higher cost.

Asphalt Based Roof Coating 

Asphalt coatings are hydrocarbon compounds that have been skimmed with a solvent to assist administration. They are commonly used on modified bituminous roofs. Many asphalt shingle coverings come with a blue color, allowing you to see precisely where it has been placed. When it dries, it becomes perfectly clear and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your shingled roof. When transparent roof coatings are applied from the start, it is easy to miss places. With a blue hue, you can expect a completely smooth roof coating.

Polymeric Compounds Based Roofing

Fluoride-based paints, often known as Polymeric roof coatings in the corporate world, are based on a contemporary coating that performs well with metal roofs or nearly flat roofs. Polymeric coatings have an absorptivity and are excellent at preventing debris from collecting on the roof. The fundamental component of Polymer, resin, maintains the coating appearing new for a long period without chalking or fading. This coating is ideal for structures that must keep a specific visual appearance.

Why Choose Our Roofing Site? 

When roofing contractors discuss roof care, they frequently allude to the process of rejuvenating the coat on the roofing material. Adding a fresh layer of coating on a regular basis extends its life, prevents it from deterioration, and frequently helps save on energy expenditures.

Assessing roofing coats for use on existing roofing is comparable to analyzing replacement roofs for a specific structure, type of construction, weather, and other unique factors. Professional roofing contractors are familiar with the different coatings and can help you decide which one is right for your needs.  

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