Adding Value To a Home with Composite Slate Tiles

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The housing market is still on the rise, and homeowners are considering building more value into their properties, so they’ll receive a higher price when they sell. Replacing your roof is a must every ten to fifty years, depending on the material: and opting not to replace it when it’s time could lead to your home selling for far less than it’s worth. 

Composite slate tiles can be a better option than traditional slate roofing; this is the rundown on what makes composite so awesome.

Highly Weather and Water Resistant

When the right company adds a composite slate roof onto your home, you can nearly guarantee that it’s going to be waterproof. Slate is insulative, doesn’t absorb water, and will ensure the rain slips right off of your roof without any trouble. Because of this strength, it’s also high-wind resistant and can hold its own against hail, rough storms, and many problems homeowners have to deal with. This ensures that you can rest easy, knowing that your roof will make it through ice and rain without having to worry about your roof leaking or gaining any substantial damage.

Completely Fireproof

Slate is a type of rock; when tiles are made out of it, they’re capable of creating a fireproof roof that can do a lot for homeowners regarding insurance and incidents. If the flames are from a fire within a home, it can’t stop it from spreading within the house, but in areas like the west coast where forest fires have been growing in size and number, having a fireproof roof to stop spreading the fire to your property can be invaluable. This can also help with insurance premiums since it lowers your risk of incident.

Long Lifespan

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The average regular roof lasts twenty to forty years, especially if they’re made out of low-grade wood or asphalt. Fortunately, composite slate is built to outlast these by two to three lifespans. As a result, the average slate roof lasts for fifty to sixty years and needs minimal to no repairs or replacements in this time. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof, and you can sell your home after ten to twenty years with decades still left in the roof. This is a major positive for most buyers and is an excellent selling point.

Ability to Customize and Make Your Roof Unique

Composite slate has a lot going for it: but one of the largest selling points is its flexibility in appearance. Although most slate has a similar shape to copy the natural look of slate stone, you can also find composite slate in shapes that copy other popular styles while ensuring that it lasts longer and is better for your home. Composite slate can also come in several different colors, which will allow you to make a home look however you want it to. 

Buyers don’t want to live in a home that looks exactly like every other home in their neighborhood. With composite slate, you can give a property some style and identity that makes it stand out.


Most composite slate roofs are eco-friendly, using recycled or renewable materials that reduce the congestion in landfills and ensure that natural resources aren’t being used too abundantly. Since they also last for around fifty to sixty years, this means that you don’t have to worry about trashing damaged tiles or dealing with a roof that needs to be replaced and thrown away quickly. A longer-lasting and stronger roof is far better for the environment than one that must be replaced every ten to twenty years. 

Eco-friendly products are currently in high demand since many homeowners want to move towards a greener future, starting from their homes and working outwards.  Offering an eco-friendly roof will help your home sell faster and for more money.

How Composite Stacks Against Competition

The most common roofing material used in the USA is asphalt shingles. These shingles are cheap, easily available, and don’t need precision tools: but they’re also highly unreliable. Composite slate may cost a little more, but it lasts twice as long, can make your home’s roof stand out as a purposeful choice, will protect you against fire and storms, and is good for the environment. Any other roofing material, from wood to ceramic, can’t hold a candle to composite, and what it offers those who use it.

Composite State Is A Natural Choice for Homeowners

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Whether you’re worried about fires, storms, or the environment in general: there’s no better choice for a roof than composite tiles! These will increase the value of your home, make buyers immediately interested, and will add to the curb appeal of your home instantly. Also, if you want a roof that’ll last and look great: there’s no other roofing material that can compare!