The Growing Trend of Barrel Tile: 6 Design Inspirations

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Barrel tile roofs are becoming increasingly popular. Ranging from the southwest to the northeast: people are requesting barrel tiles so that their homes can have a more welcoming and beautiful look. Offering a more rustic look than some other roofing styles, these allow homeowners to have a distinctive roof texture that sets them apart: while also doing an awesome job at insulating and protecting their homes.

With how popular these are becoming in recent years, it’s no surprise that they’re on everyone’s minds: here are six design inspirations that will allow you to envision your home with them.

1. Aged Mission Spanish Barrel Tile

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One of the best ways to carry through the aesthetically pleasing look of Mediterranean Spanish barrel tile is to pair it with the gorgeous look for a pergola. These structures don’t have to sit front and center, but they can be placed in ways that complement your roof. This could mean a lounging area in your backyard or as a front for your garage.  Try to match the tone of the pergola to the gorgeous red and orange hues of aged mission Spanish barrel tile to make it work.

2. Arendale Spanish Barrel Tile

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For many homeowners, a large part of the allure of barrel roof tiles is that they can be made out of sustainable materials and last longer. So whether you’re getting them in classic clay, which is a completely recyclable, or synthetic composite often made from recycled materials: you can stretch this sustainability out further.  

A fantastic way many homeowners are complimenting the beautiful natural look of Arendale Spanish barrel tile is by creating a rain garden. This can mean different things for different areas, but overall it’s a green garden area of your lawn that collects rain and keeps it from flooding your property. This can be useful in water-heavy places like Florida that get rain year-round or even in areas like southern Arizona that has a monsoon season every spring.

3. Black Brown Blend Spanish Barrel Tile

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If you want the color scheme of your home’s exterior to shine, it’s a good idea to allow the colors to be similar and play well together. For example, for a classic terracotta-colored roof, go with a warm-colored but muted paint or siding color on your home. This will allow the colors to work well together without clashing and make your home look more purposeful.  

If your roof is more muted, like a stylish black and brown blend Spanish barrel tile, you can go with more daring colors to make the roof stand out even more.

4. Green Spanish Barrel Tile

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If you want your roof to shine: it’s important to keep trees and other greenery away from it. This is vital for many reasons, but the most important thing to remember is that branches can carry squirrels or other animals that can take up residence in your attic space.

Beyond that, having too many tall trees close to your home can hide the beauty of a green Spanish barrel tile. Try to keep them at least twenty feet from the exterior walls of your home. You can still have tall and luscious trees that shade your home in the summer: just don’t let them be so close that they put it at risk of being infested or ignored.

5. Mediterranean Spanish Barrel Tile

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Consider what the color of your roof is and how you can use that in your design.  Gorgeous Mediterranean Spanish barrel tile is created in classic warm and terracotta shades. This allows you to add this warmth to the design of other parts of your lawn.  Whether that means plants with rust-colored flowers or using a similarly-colored stone in your hardscaping, you can make your entire yard match better by allowing this color usage.  

It’s important to know where to draw the line, though. Don’t use so much color that it overwhelms the outside of your home. You don’t want to paint your home the same color or use it on all of your designs for your home. Used sparingly and intelligently, this color can allow the exterior of your home to have a unified look.

6. Onyx Spanish Barrel Tile

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Terracotta is a gorgeous color: but it’s not the only color you can have on barrel roof tiles. Consider looking at the many options for color, style, and material available. Of course, you can go for the classic reds and oranges if they call to you, but they don’t have to be your only option; you can even go with a dramatic black roof by choosing onyx Spanish barrel tile.

Barrel roof tiles can last over fifty years if they’re built in the right material and well maintained. If you want to ensure that they look good to you the rest of the time they’re in your home; it’s okay to look at your options and find something that speaks to you!  The style is gorgeous in any color.

Your Home Is More Than The Interior

Although trends come and go, these barrel tile roofs are built to last and have a timeless beauty garnering much attention in recent years. Their sustainability, attractiveness, and flexibility in design and color make them a must-grab for any homeowner.