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Arizona is located in the American Southwest, and it is well known for its beautiful lakes, deserts, and national parks. The pride of Arizona is the presence of the Grand Canyon, which is a  natural wonder so unique that people come not just across the United States but throughout the world to witness its majesty in person. 

Aside from the Grand Canyon, Arizona is noted for its beautiful terrain and abundance of options for trekking, mountain climbing, trail running, backpacking, exploring,  and white water rafting. Arizona offers a dry, arid climate with mild winters alongside breathtaking scenery and a plethora of activities.

The state also enjoys an astonishingly strong economy. When combined with a modest cost of living, Arizona is an ideal destination for young professionals just starting out or seniors wishing to settle down.

Deciding What Type of Roofing to Use in Arizona

There are several aspects to consider while deciding on roofing for your house. For example, the aesthetics of your property, the owner’s aesthetic preferences, money, and longevity are all factors to consider. You need the best quality possible within your allotted budget. 

It is always a good idea to do a little research to learn about residential roofing in Arizona before making the ultimate decision about what is right for your home or business. After all, the roofing you choose will safeguard you, your family, and your home for decades to come. The research will improve your knowledge of roofing types and make it easier to find a competent roofing contractor when you are ready for installation. 

Types of Roofing 

Shingles Roofing 

Shingle is by far the most requested and frequent form of roofing in Arizona and in the United States as a whole — just cruise through practically any housing area, and you will see it by the thousands. And there is a strong explanation for its popularity. Shingles are made of different compounds of asphalt and are an economical option for roofing. 

Asphalt and organic shingles are the two most frequent types of shingle roofing. Both are affordable, require little upkeep, and can withstand Arizona’s weather conditions. Shingle roofing is not the most robust, but it should last you up to three decades before needing to be replaced, as long as it is maintained and checked for damage on a regular basis.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is another frequently seen style of roof in Arizona. There are numerous types of tile, each with its own advantages. Common types of tile roofing include:

  • Ceramic tiles, which are one of the least expensive types of tile for roofing
  • Clay tiles, which have the lovely and classically southwestern style and work well to keep a home or business cool
  • Slate tiles are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Slate tiles have lasted hundreds of years in some circumstances.

Tile roofs can have a substantial upfront cost, both for materials and installation. However, the advantages may make them worth the investment.  They are fireproof, stand up well in intense temperatures, less prone to water damage, long-lasting, and provide a beautiful look to your property.

Foam Roofing

Plasticizer foam is a type of material that is coated over a pre-existing surface to generate a smooth and robust roof. If foam roofing is well-maintained,  it will keep your home breach-proof and at the appropriate temperature. 

Foam roofing is ideal for flat roofs, which is yet another popular and traditional aesthetic in Arizona. It also works on unusually shaped structures and residences. A foam roof may last a lifetime if properly maintained, which involves a fresh covering that can last up to combat UV damage.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing might not be the most popular in Arizona, but it has been increasing attention in recent years due to the numerous benefits. Metal roofing can endure almost any type of weather, including coarse sandstorms that really can injure certain types of roofing, and it can be primarily composed of recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly.

Not only that but metal roofing has been shown to minimize energy overall costs – and metal roofs can integrate into planned neighborhoods. It is a more expensive investment, but it is still an excellent choice for Arizona homes. With the combination of reasonable cost, color options, and longevity, you won’t be disappointed with choosing metal roofing.

How Do You Make the Final Decision?

Roofing is a substantial expense, and you really should carefully evaluate all of your alternatives before finalizing your final review.  It is strongly advised that you consult with a roofing professional and a respected builder to learn what types of roofing materials they recommend. They will have in-depth information about the climate’s impact on roofing and will assist you in exploring your options for roofing materials. 

Arizona is infamous for its hot summers, which brings specific problems whether you are building or upgrading your house. Your roofing is one of the essential segments of your building plan, and you should make your decision with your geographic location in mind. Some roofs function better than others in hot, arid climates, and recognizing the best options for the Phoenix, Arizona area will help you make a wise investment.