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Phoenix, Arizona, is a fantastic city to live and work in. It’s a busy metropolis in the middle of the desert, and sure, it gets hot.  But, hey, it’s just a little annoyance when you can enjoy the outdoors all year long, right? 

Greater Phoenix has been and continues to be one of the country’s fastest-growing areas.  The majority of people are aware that Phoenix, Arizona, is situated in the Sonoran desert, which means it has exceptionally hot summers and is rather dry all year. This isn’t to say that the Valley of the Sun doesn’t get its fair share of rain each year, which may have disastrous consequences if you do not have properly installed rain gutters.

Rain gutters are usually unseen workhorses for your property. They serve an essential purpose by channeling rainfall away from your house, but you probably don’t notice they’re there most of the time. If you’ve never given any attention to whether or not your home has a gutter system, now is the time to do so, particularly if you’ve been having water ingress and don’t know why. 

So here are the best rain gutter installation phoenix services that are worth being looked into!

Is Rain Gutter Installation Really Necessary In Phoenix? 

The average annual rainfall in the Phoenix region is between four and eight inches, which isn’t much when compared to other major cities in the United States. However, in Phoenix and the surrounding area, the rain often comes in the form of fast-moving thunderstorms that dump water quickly. 

Water management is an integral part of your gutters. They efficiently redirect water flow from your roof via the downspouts and to suitable regions outside the property during a storm. Your roof may collect a lot of litter without a gutter system, causing water to linger and spill. This may expose your house to rotting, corrosion, and other types of harm. 

Furthermore, gutters keep water from accumulating around your foundation. When rainwater from your rooftop spills, it may seep into your base, weakening everything that supports your house over time. 

Types of Gutters

Different kinds of rain gutters may be installed according to your needs:

  • Traditional one-piece gutters – These are the gutters that the majority of homeowners put in their houses. We have two types: one with no slope and a rolling former, and the other is customized to order for each construction.
  • Two-piece gutters –  professionals will use correct waterproofing measures to prevent infiltration in the gutter-apron junction.
  • Gutter liners – also known as built-in gutters, are often seen on older houses with gutters installed on the bottom edge of the roof. 
  • Shell and liner gutters –  also known as double bottom storm drains, have a beautiful exterior shell with a bespoke contour. Water drainage is handled by the tapered gutter liner on the interior.

Consult a professional to identify the best gutter design for your house. They can assist you in locating one that meets your requirements. They also provide gutter cleaning and inspection in addition to gutter installation to guarantee that your gutters are clear of debris.

What Happens If Rain Gutters Aren’t Maintained?

When you don’t clean your drains, you’re courting problems since clogged gutters are almost as terrible as not having any at all. Rainwater stuck in a blocked gutter or outflow has nowhere to go except over the trough’s edge, thereby leaving your gutter system unusable. If the leaves, twigs, and other debris aren’t removed, they may clog the gutters, causing them to become so heavy that they pull away from the home. The chance of leaks forming through the walls is increased by clogged gutters which allow water to flow where it is not intended.  

If your house has typical gutters, you should maintain them at least twice a year: once in the spring and once in the autumn, just before winter. You have two operational choices with typical gutters: you can pull a ladder around to the side of your home and clear out the material by hand, which saves money but is potentially unsafe. Alternatively, you may pay to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned by a qualified drain service. 

However, there is a third solution that will ensure you never have to bother about your gutters anymore. Rather than doing routine maintenance, you might make structural changes themselves: Implement a unique seamless gutter system that never has to be cleaned and never jams.

Final Word

When was the last time you had your rain gutters inspected by a professional? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Even though cleaning and maintaining your house systems are easily slacked, the impact of a broken or clogged rain gutter on your property may be substantial.

Domestic repairs might run hundreds to thousands of dollars due to water damage. Don’t wait until you have damage to your home to take action. Be proactive, and have your gutters cleaned, inspected, or replaced before there is a problem.