5 Types of House Siding & Making the Right Choice

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The siding on your home can affect far more than how your home looks. Not only does it change how well insulated your home is, the different materials it’s made out of can control how long your siding is good for. 


These are the five main types of siding, what they’re good for, and how to implement them. Of course, there’s no perfect siding to suit everyone’s needs, so consider each option carefully before picking your perfect match.

1. Long-Lasting Colorful Vinyl

Types of House Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular styles of siding for a myriad of reasons. Nearly as sturdy as aluminum siding, vinyl can last for twenty years and still look great. In addition, this type can be made in any color or style and can even replicate the look of other siding styles like wood or brick. 


Vinyl siding is best when made by a company that knows how to make it last longer.  Making it too thick and inflexible or screwing it in too tight to the property can make it crack and break down far faster. It’s a better idea to allow it to be flexible.

2. Beautiful Classic Wood

Wood is one of the oldest types of house siding and shouldn’t be considered for any area with excess moisture from weather changes. Water can rot the wood over time, and weather changes will shrink and expand the wood until it cracks or wears down. 


You can get a coating over your wood siding, and it’s often cheaper to produce and purchase because of its short lifespan. It’s a good idea to ask around in your area to find out how long wood is supposed to last where you’re located. Then, if you’re willing to pay the price to replace it every ten years: go for it!  Sometimes a classic material and look can be worth it.

3. Sturdy and Stately Brick

Brick isn’t considered siding by everyone, but it’s a major contender when deciding how to protect the exterior of your home. Of the many types of house siding, it can stand up best against storms and rough weather and can be extraordinarily waterproof. 


Brick is porous, but it blocks most weather, sound, and insect life while encouraging your home’s temperatures to stay balanced. This makes it an incredible choice for anyone who lives in incredibly cold temperatures since it lasts longer and has a better chance at holding up. 


Fortunately, brick siding never has to be replaced unless it cracks or experiences severe damage. So although the upfront cost is exorbitant, it may be worth it for someone who doesn’t want to update their home’s exterior and loves the look of natural brick.

4. Sturdy and Gorgeous Metal

Types of House Siding

Metal lap siding, aluminum, and steel can all offer many perks to your home. These metal sidings can be made to look like other materials based on how they’re formed.  This can last up to thirty to forty years based on the brand. 


A good steel siding won’t warp or change with natural weather and will protect your home from most storms and hazardous weather. Many brands allow you to pick what color of coating you want, and some even offer types of paint that can be put on top of metal siding to change the look of your home.

5. Strong and Natural Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is gaining popularity because of how eco-friendly it can be and how long it can last. When properly installed and on a good building, natural fiber cement can last over fifty years without being repaired or replaced. 


This type of siding can be coated in many paints, and because of its porous surface, the color will absorb and sink into the surface to last as long as possible. Of course, you can repaint this siding and refresh it if you ever want a new look, but it’s not necessary to keep it looking good.


Fiber cement siding cost between $5 to $14 with an average of $10 per square foot but the price will depend on the fiber cement siding’s brand.

What Type of Siding is Best?


If you want longevity, brick and natural fiber cement are the best options. They can last for over fifty years and allow you to save money in the long run. These are more expensive, though, and can be pricey to install in the first place. 


If you want to change your lookup and allow your home to change in appearance over the years, metal and vinyl siding last for over twenty years and can be made to look however you want.

Your Siding Is For More Than Just Looks

Siding is for more than appearances. The cost is higher because it ensures that your home will stay well-insulated, protected from the elements, and good-looking for as long as possible. Be careful when choosing which siding you want on your home, and think in the long term; after all, whatever you pick will last for at least the next ten years.