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The southwestern state of Arizona is the forty-eighth one among the fifty states in the United States of America. It is famous across the globe for The Grand Canyon that the Colorado River has carved and attracts a vast number of tourists every year. In Phoenix, the year around weather mainly comprises dry summers with hot temperatures, followed by mild winters.

Pitched roofs are commonly seen across the constructions in Phoenix; however, flat roofs are a huge part of the usual architecture. The latter is primarily seen in the commercial sector of construction due to the arid climate of Arizona, but they can also be seen on individual homes. 

The Mediterranean climate has inspired the concept of flat roofs as the weather demands so. These flat roofs are usually placed at an angle of about zero to ten degrees and require a considerably varying roofing technique than the one used for pitched roofs. A roof in Arizona can last for ten to fifty years, depending on the method used to install it and the materials used. 

Why Does Arizona Have Flat Roofs?

Are you someone who is trying to build yourself a new home or construct a new site for your business? Here are some of the reasons that will tell you why you should consider opting for a flat roof as your construction choice in Arizona. The features below will give you an insight into what aspects should be taken into perspective while making decisions about your roofing options.  

1. Swift Installation

One of the biggest reasons why flat roofs should be the way to go is the hassle-free installation it manages to bring to the table. Since one would be working on a flat surface, the process is much simpler and straightforward than it would have been if one were to build slopes or shingles. 

The installation workers can tackle putting up the surface quickly when working on a flat surface. The ease of installation is because the method becomes pretty clear cut as all the material needs to be layered up on top. Another great feature is that flat roofs have few or no seams. This means that fewer joints are required to be sealed up, and hence less time is consumed. After some evening out and finishing touches, the roof is ready!

2. Maximum Efficiency of Energy

Arizona generally has considerably warm weather throughout the year, and it would be great if the architecture of these constructions could help cool down some of that heat. You can protect your building units from the harmful UV rays of the scorching sun and heat accumulation by installing flat roofs that include reflective colors and seals. The reflective features help in reducing the absorption of heat and hence obstruct its build-up. 

By making these small changes in your roofing materials, you can make your homes comfortable to stay in throughout the year. Also, if you plan on doing this in a commercial facility, that is even better. Work is done best when the mind is at a lower temperature. A flat roof installed correctly with quality materials can reduce your cooling costs and make your home or building more energy efficient. 

3. More Area to Work On 

There is nothing better than making the most of what you have. A flat roof allows you to explore so many options as to what can be done on the top of your establishment. If you are planning on building a home with a flat roof, imagine all the pleasant evenings you can spend there with a glass of wine, appreciating the sunsets of Arizona. 

Even if you are considering a flat roof on top of your workplace, you are still open to many options. For instance, you can either use the roof as a creative space for when the head is blocked or host a client meeting or celebrate cracking a deal. The possibilities are just endless. Some also use the flat rooftops to add green space by having a little garden set up, or even a few flower pots could do the trick.

4. Light on The Pocket

Now, this is the cherry on the top. As there are usually no underlying seams and no slopes to work around, flat roofs are way quicker to set up, as discussed earlier. This time-saving advantage helps in being cost-effective because installation companies charge less for less time. There is also less wasted material when building a flat roof, so the cost of materials is often lower than on pitched roofs. 

The roofing companies that provide services in Phoneix, Arizona, can provide affordable flat roof options. 

Final Words

Apart from all these pros, flat roofs also make it easier to look for cracks and storm damage that needs to be repaired quickly.  Flat roofs are layered with a waterproof coating that can help eliminate the moisture that storms bring with them. All these reasons are more than enough to justify why Arizona is the perfect place to consider a flat roof.